The Kids’ Show

VF_promo_20130127_114_printThe Kids’ show:

A hilarious and engaging 30- 45 min children’s show with 2-4 performers that incorporates circus arts, prop manipulation, juggling and comedy. By demonstrating feats of skill and hilarious comedy, interspersed with spoken word, we illustrate that kids and teens can overcome challenges by pursuing their passions and surrounding themselves with positive people. Incorporating age-appropriate excerpts from Quinn’s TEDTalk about overcoming addiction gaining independence by pursuing the Circus Arts, and on Vesta’s experience with social Circus in the Burmese refugee camps and orphanages, this performance is adaptable for elementary or high schools; children of all ages resonate with our message of perseverance, perspective, and positivity.

Karina Strong (troupe co-ordinator) has a social work degree with specializations in child welfare, play therapy and substance misuse. Check out Quinn’s TedTalk here, where he talks about overcoming challenges as a teenager by finding his passion and following his dreams. Karina, Quinn, and Kat have all done two months tours Asia 2012-2014 with SPARKCircus, bringing joy to thousands of Burmese refugee children and orphans.

Vesta Entertainment’s Kids’ Show is perfect for schools and children’s festivals. Schools may be eligible for funding grants to bring us in- contact us for details!

Also the perfect lead in to our circus school workshops, or Flow Zone festival activities.

Cost: 600-1000$ depending on location, length of show, and number of performers. Schools may be eligible for grant funding.

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