You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what people are saying about Vesta Entertainment and VestaFire:

“Vesta Entertainment has performed at Vancouver Island MusicFest many times and I continue to be impressed with how they behave as ambassadors to our Festival audience. They get it! Their performances are always fresh and interesting and they contribute to the ‘vibe’ of what makes a good Festival. Every year, they come up with something new for our Festival.  Please feel free to contact me for further recommendations.”

Doug Cox

Executive Producer, Vancouver Island MusicFest  www.islandmusicfest.com


 Aug 2014:

“August 2014 was a big year for the Vancouver Island Exhibition, it was our 120th year. As this was a big year for us, the Directors had been tossing around different ideas to mark the year as memorable. Two of the Directors at the time had come across an interesting entertainment company that offered stilt walkers and fire dancing. After discussion with the Directors and some back and forth discussion with Karina at Vesta we had put together a package that worked for us. Our fair had a pair of stilt walkers all dressed up in costume entertaining the fairgoers as they roved the grounds including the Kids Zone. They really added to not only the visual appeal of the fair with their height and costumes but to the entertainment of the fairgoers.
Our opening ceremony was held in the evening which allowed for a duskier sky as a spectacular backdrop for the Fire Show. The crowd was presented with music, dancers, fire and even a cannon like structure that periodically shot fire up into the air. There was a sense of awe watching the dancers move to the music with balls of fire right at crowd level. It was a great show for all age groups. Vesta Fire lived up to their name, they were most definitely entertainment.”

Gwen Boyd
Director Grounds Entertainment/ Community Stage, VIEX


July 2014:

“The VestaFire’s performance at the Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival Survivor Dinner has truly captured the audience attention!

Your show was captivating not only by the use of the fire, but also by the meaningful narration associated to your performance, which clearly contributed to set the mood for the Candles ceremony that was scheduled immediately after your performance.

Thank you for having so brilliantly captured the spirit of this festival event through your performance.”
Nicole Langlois, Official Ceremonies and Survivors’ dinner chair 2014

Jan 2014:

“Thank you to VestaFire for putting on one of the best fire spinning shows I have ever witnessed. Their variety of acts and interaction with the crowd stands alone as the highlight of the evening. With over 1000 guests attending Mt Seymour’s Family First New Years Eve celebration, VestaFire was able to capture an audience from 2 to 70 years of age. Their show was a perfect fit for our event and we hope to have them back next year to ring in 2015!” Aaron Butcher – Marketing & Events Coordinator – Mt Seymour Resorts

November 2013: “VestaFire comes with enthusiasm and fantastic costumes! Their outdoor fire shows are breathtaking, so when we hired them for an indoor performance, they created a unique LED performance just for us. They are a unique and fun group of entertainers.”
Anh Le, Comox Valley Art Gallery

October 2013: “I so enjoyed the opportunity to work with Vesta Entertainment on our recent character driven project. The group were well rehearsed, very professional, fabulously and perfectly costumed and engaged our audience delightfully. It is exciting to have this caliber of event entertainers in our own community. Call them to enliven your next event!” Holly Bright, executive director, Crimson Coast Dance Society

June 2013: “VestaFire provided perfect entertainment for our school’s Family Fun Night. Children and adults alike were thrilled to try out the stilts and hoops in the flow zone and we were very impressed with the stilt dancers in our music area. Having children in your troupe offers a good way for other kids to engage with the props and not feel intimidated. Thanks so much for being part of our special night!” Kerri Orser, South Wellington Elementary School PAC

May 2013: “What an old-fashioned delight to have Vesta Fire Circus entertain at our oyster festival: SEAFEST 2013, here on Cortes Island.  In the beginning we were dazzled by a mermaid on stilts and pirates performing throughout the festival site.  Then the highlight was an stage performance of acrobatics by the younger members of the troupe that engaged everyone in laughter and amazement. Vesta Fire Circus helped make this the best festival ever!” – Kristen Scholfield-Sweet, Event Organizer, SEAFEST 2013, Cortes Island, BC

Jan 2013: “THANK YOU so very much for all of the incredible – and personal entertainment at the masquerade ball last night!! Loved the patience of ALL of your performers – they were so personable & each & every one stopped to show off what they could do. Sitting in the lobby I think I had everything demonstrated. Was so AMAZING!! You guys all ROCK!! Thanks again – Can’t wait for your next event. ♥ ♥” – Stephanie Scott,  Masquerade Ball party guest

Dec 2012: “Thank-you VestaFire Entertainment for your professionalism and commitment to the Central Vancouver Island Society’s : Harmonies of Faith Event.  Your talent, compassion and joy filled the Port Theatre and assisted people in embracing each other’s beliefs, instead of fearing them. I look forward to working with you in the near future. With my greatest appreciate, Samantha Letourneau- Diversity Coordinator, Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society”

Dec 2012: “VestaFire was fantastic at our New Year’s Eve event on Mt Seymour. Their fire dancing performances were first class and our guests loved watching the various props they used throughout the night. I would recommend their services to any event as they certainly enhance the guests’ overall experience. We hope to work with them again in the future! The whole atmosphere VestaFire brought with your performance was fantastic and we really think it brought our event to the next level. Thank you again. “
– Anna Rowinska, Marketing & Events Coordinator – Mt Seymour

Dec 2012: “Thank you for being a part of the Harmonies of Faith show at the Port Theatre on December 20.
Vestafire added an extra element of class and elegance to an already classy show!   I appreciate your professionalism and willingness to work with everyone to make the show run smoothly.  Thank you for your professionalism, easy going nature and of course the high quality of your work. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we do it again sometime. ”
Greg Bush
Musical Director and MC.
Music Department, Vancouver Island University

Dec 2012-  “Hi! I saw you at the Port Theatre last night… I had to write and tell you that you took my breath away. You look so GORGEOUS up there, so fluid and sure in your movements, so poetic, so skilled. You were the highlight of the evening for me and for the rest of them watching too, from the reaction. You command the stage. You made me cry for happy. You are doing what you are meant to do, and I wish you and VestaFire all the success you deserve. Brava!”

– Sue Averill, Port Theatre patron, Harmonies of Faith

Nov 2012: “Working with VestaFire Entertainment was amazing! They are so much more than hired performers, they become part of the community that creates the event.  The show was stunning. They masterfully merge the wild energy of flaming circus arts with a careful awareness and attention to the environment around them. They are quintessential professionals with a sparkle in their eyes that lifts your spirit. As an event organizer I cannot recommend them enough. As a lover of the ‘art of fire’ I want to run away and join them!”

Meaghan Cursons – Elevate the Arts

Nov 2012 :”Lukas was awesome, great personality, good with people and we loved his globe and LED show to bits! … He did great Karina! We were very pleased. You can count on me and anyone who seen the show will be recommending you guys. … I’m already thinking of what is coming up where we can get you’s to perform again! Would love to see what else you have to offer too! I will subscribe for sure!! right now in fact. Thanks again!”

– Lisa Nogier, (Private Party)

Aug 2012 “VestaFire Entertainment is a spectacular display of dance, acrobatics and flow arts. A completely self-contained travelling circus, enchanting and delighting audiences of all ages! Friendly, funny and dynamic, VestaFire is there to entertain you! It was a pleasure to work with such talented and professional performers who always make safety their #1 priority. I look forward to working with them again in the future.
-Scarlett Luke
Director of Entertainment, Parksville Beach Festival

“May 2012: “Thanks VestaFire. Your entertainers added so much fun to Country Clubs’ Kids Expo!!!” Karen Boudreau, Country Club Mall Marketing and Special Events Co-ordinator

“May, 2012: Dear Sir or Madam,
I am delighted to offer a testimonial for Karina Strong and VestaFire Entertainment.
VestaFire performed at our Sunday service on May 6, 2012. This was a special service for the Fellowship, as we were hosting Unitarians from across Vancouver Island and Salt Spring island.
Karina and VestaFire were very easy to work with. They were professional, punctual and reliable, arriving on time and following through on all their commitments. They brought their creative talents to the rehearsal, offering several suggestions which improved the overall flow and effect of the service.
VestaFire members choreographed and enacted the story of the Green Man battling Frost Queen. The costumes were fantastic and the interpretation of the story was beautiful and moving. We loved the way the stilt performers engaged the people around them, especially the children.
VestaFire took the brief outline of the story that they were given and created something magical that won’t soon be forgotten. Many of those present spoke of VestaFire’s two performances as highlights of the event.
I would definitely call on them again!
Best wishes,
Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz
First Unitarian Fellowship

“Vesta Fire’s performance at Finale 2010 was dynamic, engaging, and fun for kids and parents alike. Their unique skills brought the “wow” factor that no one wanted to miss! Thanks Vesta Fire for a great show!”

Megan Noakes, Recreation Co-Ordinator, City of Nanaimo

“The performance troupe Vesta Fire was part of the Luminara Lantern Festival this year on September 25, and we were very happy to have them at the event. They performed skillfully with a variety of glow tools and were a great addition to our festival. They added an element of zany circus charm to our procession and lantern installation area in the park that we really appreciated. They interacted well with the public and delighted children with their magic wand and jumping lights tricks. Our artistic team found them professional and reliable in the planning phase and costume consultation, and on event day they arrived on time and took care of their own set up and preparations.
We would recommend Vesta Fire to other festivals, and we certainly hope to work with them again in the future.
Karin Scarth
Luminara Festival Director”

“I love a good community event and every year Lantville Minetown Day is a favourite! This year we had great fun watching Vestafire’s roving entertainers get the crowds of people engaged and excited! My kids were enthralled with the stilts and the flaming poi show! Great addition to a stellar event!
Kimberly Plumley
Lantzville Log writer and PR volunteer for Lantzville’s Minetown Day.

“You made our daughter’s 7th birthday party a complete success.  All the kids (4-7 years old) had a wonderful time.  The face painting was a big hit and great way to start the ‘circus-themed’ party.  Your performance with magic wand, staff and poi spinning had the kids entranced and I loved how well you merged it into a group poi-spinning class and parade.  The circus can be a magical place and VestaFire certainly brought their magic to our party.  We asked our daughter after if she had enjoyed the party and she said, “It was EXACTLY what she wanted!” (small face – big big big grin).  It doesn’t get better than that!
Thank you!
Shelley Bayne and Gary Gibbons”

“Vesta Fire performed twice at our Solstice ritual on December 21, 2011.  They began by firedancing at the entrance to the building before the ritual began, setting a fun and magical atmosphere.  Those of us who were organizing inside could hear the excited buzz as people came through the door.  Right from the beginning attendees knew that something special was happening.

Vesta Fire also performed during the ritual.  Karina’s lighted staff work was stunning in the darkened room.  Her dance dramatically expressed the themes of the ritual–the turning cycles of the seasons, and the return of the light.

I was very impressed with Vesta Fire’s professionalism and attention to safety, as well as their skills in creative interpretation.  They arrived on time, followed cues given to them, and cleaned up afterwards.  Troupe Coordinator Karina talked with us about safety, and her recommendations  were very helpful.  We were confident that our event was safe as well as exciting.

I would certainly recommend Vesta Fire to anyone looking for a dramatic way to mark a special event.

Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz
First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo”