Learn To Burn with Vesta- Jan 19th

Vesta Fire WhipAre you a comfortable adult hooper, poi spinner, or prop artist looking to take your spinning to the next level? Come learn the art of Fire Spinning with VestaFire! This two hour workshop will teach you everything you need to know to light up SAFELY and confidently, with handouts to take home. You’ll learn fire safety, dipping, snuffing, and, if you choose, have the opportunity to burn your most comfortable spinning prop! We’ll also discuss different types of props and what to look for when purchasing your first fire prop.  We will also document your first burn with a professional photo! All equipment and props provided. 75$ per person, maximum 6 people per class for personalized attention.

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Class will be rescheduled if weather is inclement. Waiver required. You must wear JEANS and 100% COTTON clothing- no synthetics!

Karina recently brought her fire spinning gear and some of her crew to my 40th birthday. I am a hooper but I had no previous experience with fire hooping. Her enthusiasm, yet calm and clear instruction, coupled with a high level of attention to safety and safety protocol enabled me to jump into my first experience with this art feeling excited and prepared and absolutely safe. It was a fantastic experience and I was left with a great impression of Karina (and crew’s) professionalism and dependable expertise. Would recommend to anyone who wants to give this art a whirl to call on VestaFire to get you started!” – Krista Morris


VestaFire’s new LED toys!

While we enjoy performing with fire, LED lit props are a great alternative that can be just as spectacular! VestaFire is excited to be partnering with Hoopdaddy to beta test some BRAND NEW hoop technology. The Phoenix is fully programmable, remote controlled with Bluetooth technology. We are testing out two 31″ poly pro hoops- and they are beautiful!

We went out to play the other night and got some amazing pictures, using one of the new Phoenix  and one Astral Atomic Pro hoop, and our fiber-optic whip. Here are some of the highlights; the full set is viewable here on our Facebook page