Spectacular Spectacular

Vesta fire Courtney-7

Spectacular Spectacular

Entertain and engage your audience with the Spectacular- they will cheer, clap and sing along to popular music while watching amazing feats of skill and fire manipulation.

Our Spectacular Spectacular is a large scale variety show production, utilizing popular music and flame effects to showcase fire performance at it’s most entertaining. 45-60 minutes of material can be performed all at once, or broken into shorter sets to accommodate festival or event requirements. Solo dance pieces amaze with mastery of prop manipulation, while our duos and our 4-6 performer opener and finale acts amaze with acrobatics and choreography. Perfect for Winter festival light ups, Canada Day, New Years Eve shows, or anywhere there is a large audience. Price varies depending on length of time required, amount of performers, and type of flame effects used.

Cost: $500 for two performer 10 min set, to $6000+ for 6 performers, propane cannon and theatrical pyrotechnics.

“Thank you to VestaFire for putting on one of the best fire spinning shows I have ever witnessed. Their variety of acts and interaction with the crowd stands alone as the highlight of the evening. With over 1000 guests attending Mt Seymour’s Family First New Years Eve celebration, VestaFire was able to capture an audience from 2 to 70 years of age. Their show was a perfect fit for our event and we hope to have them back next year to ring in 2015!” Aaron Butcher – Marketing & Events Coordinator – Mt Seymour Resorts

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