Interested in purchasing the props you’ve seen us use?

Most of our practice hoops (and my hoop teacher!) is Cora from ShastaHoop Fitness! She’s located in Qualicum. She also sells funky earthy clothing and Aveda products.


Most of our Fire Props are from Trick Concepts. We love the quality and service- these props stand up to hard use! 🙂

Another great place to buy Fire Spinning Toys & Supplies: is Luxotica


We’re super excited to be partnering with HoopDaddy to beta test some brand new LED hoop technology! Our performance twin hoops are fully bluetooth programmable and controlled via remote control. We LOVE them, and our clients are always impressed that we can incorporate their companies colours into our performance. We can’t wait until Hoopdaddy get’s these babies into production!

Our LED  FlowWand , the ToroFlux, our LED light system, and more are all obtained from Sean and Prisna at Flowtoys.

If you click through our site, a small percentage of your FlowToys purchase comes back to VestaFire. It’s a great way to support VestaFire as a local business. Thanks so much!

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