MuseMasks- handmade leather art

VestaFire gets so many comments on our incredible costumes- one of the features of many of our costumes are the elaborate leather masks worn during some of our fire shows and character roving festival entertainment.

Many of our masks are made by my good friend Andrea Russel, on Saltspring Island. Andrea is also the RingMistress and organizer of SPARKCircus- the organization we travelled to Thailand with to teach and perform in the Burmese refugee camps, hospitals and orphanages.

Andrea is an incredible artist and visionary, along with metal craft and jewellery making. She has a new website for her leather work that I wanted to share with you! She has many masks ready to go or can make things to order. She also teaches workshops on leather craft for those who want to try it themselves!

I encourage you to check out her site- so many BEAUTIFUL creations! Maybe YOUR Halloween costume is waiting for you there?