Jenna’s blog #4

The Shelter/Orphanage Future Light Friday Feb 3 2012
Today I went to an orphanage. There were 37 kids there. I performed my “Raise Your Glass” routine. My mom was sick for the show but it still worked well. I did not do my “Honey Bee” dance. The children’s home used to be made out of bamboo sticks and the roof out of leaves. But now it is made out of pavement for the walls and metal for the roof. The people from Help Without Frontiers helped them get a better building. When we were about to leave the kids put on a show for US! They sang wonderful songs for us and when we left I almost cried because I was sad to leave all the kids. 😦

The Days that I eat Thai Food. Sunday Feb 5 2012
Today my Dad told me that on the days that start with the days S and T I have to eat Thai food. All the other days I can eat regular food. Today it is Sunday so for dinner I have to eat Thai food. When I first tried Thai food I did not like it, but now I love it! Yesterday I ate a big platter of Thai food and it was very good. My favorite thing to eat here is pineapple Fried Rice. It sometimes comes in a half of a pineapple! We scoop out the insides and it’s REALLY good. We brought home some food but by accident I tripped over it and it spilled all over the floor of our guesthouse. I cleaned it all up. The end.

The Waterfall Feb 6 2012
Today we did not have to work so the whole troupe went to a big waterfall. It was VERY pretty- it was very cool because I climbed all the way to the top of the waterfall. I also took some underwater videos with my camera. I saw some fish in the shallow water. They were mostly brown but some of them were yellow. I stood under one of the little waterfalls and I got very wet. Thomas and Keith and Jessie Q helped me climbed the waterfall. Those people are my firends from spark. My brother and I did Acro Yoga. AcroYoga is yoga that you do cool moves on top of people. There was this one move called the Bird where I lifted Caden up on my feet and he pretended to fly. Ariel (one of my friends from spark) she pretended to fly me! It was awesome! Bye Bye.

The School One Dream One World Feb 7 2012
I went to a school today with the troupe. The kids at the school were street kids, and street kids are kids that live on the streets. Some kids slept under bridges, some in alleyways and more. The schools name is “one dream one world” and there are 100 kids there. My favourite moment was when one kid hugged me goodbye about 16 times. I almost cried. It felt like I hugged about 100 kids goodbye!