Jenna’s Blog #3

My Acts:
I have two acts that I perform. My day show act is called Honey Bee and my friend Jewelz helps me with it. We dance around and are dressed like cute bees. My friend Missy showed me the honey bee dance from back home. The kids here really like it.
My other act is my hoop act “raise your glass”. I have been getting better at hooping and have learned some new tricks.
I also can do the group act Americano if we are not using fire- the troupe uses palm candles and you light palmcandles on fire. I do not like using fire unless it’s on a hoop. I don’t do my hoop act on fire though because I can’t do my tricks with fire.
My LED act went really well because I did everything right. I did not mess up. I did a new trick in my act, I call it the hoop can can. It is when you put your leg up when you are doing around the world.