Koh Samui

Well, We’re on a boat.. a passenger ferry between koh samui and the mainland, where we’ll be be catching a bus to the train station, then overnight train to bangkok. What a busy past few days we have had!
We were up bright and early on Thursday morning and said goodbye to the rustic bungalow where we had been staying for the past weeks. Our hosts Min and Eck took such good care of us, and loved the kids to bits. The Muay Thai boxing training camp at Horizon was a great place for us- up above the heat and mugginess of the valley and coconut grove, it often had a breeze off the ocean and the mozzies were not as bad as down below. Plus, there was the view! 🙂
The whole troupe (including all our stuff!) loaded onto two speedboats and zipped across the water, leaving Koh Phangan behind and arriving on Koh Samui about a half an hour later. Much better than the 5 or 6 hours it would have taken by public transportation- worth the 1000 bht in time saved.
We arrived safely and was met at the docks by Ruth, a friend of andrea’s who works for a posh hotel. We were delivered via van to the staff accommodation for the hotel, were we were delighted to be issued rooms for free. They were basic but clean and well kept, with hard beds but showers and toilettes and air conditioning, horray!
I was feeling ill (travellers) so stayed with Caden, while the rest of the troupe had a quick change into their day clown costumed and headed out to Temple School to teach workshops with the kids and perform the day show. Kevin went with them and a great time was had by all, and Jenna is writing her blog about the day as I type. 🙂
After a long day for the troupe, they came back to the dorms and we were delivered food, from the hotel. I was feeling better as well, so after we all showered and had a quick relax, we then dressed in our black and reds and were picked up and brought to the Posh resort to perform a fire show.