Fire and LED, Oh My!

We arrived at Bangara resort to perform for the evening, and I was impressed- I think we all were! this is a 5000 bht a night resort- very posh and beautiful. We set up in our beautiful green room and then saw our performance space- right on the beach, on beautiful soft but packed white sand beach. We had planned for fire and were all decked out in our classy black n reds. However as we were preparing the ocean breeze started picking up, and Jo decided that it was too windy for fire. No problem, we were also prepared to do our spectacular LED show. Quick costume change into our whites and we were ready to perform. It was a bit of a challenge for all of us to perform in the wind, and as well on the steep slope of the beach, but we pressed on and put on a really great show for the hotel guests. I’m so proud of the whole troupe- each act is amazing and we have worked so hard on creating the opening and finale group numbers. Co-ordinating 15-20 performers on stage at once is no mean feat- props to Jo, Andrea, and Ariel for choreographing the group numbers!
The next evening we went to the partner resort, and it was even nicer! We were all fed an amazing buffet and then performed roving entertainment for the function’s guests in our whites. This was a special fundraiser evening for spark, with a silent auction, fire show, and dignitaries. The ‘who’s who’ of Samui ex-pats it seemed, with lots of children present, which was fabulous. The troupe interacted and schmoozed for about an hour, and then changed back to blacks to perform our fire show. Once again, the Sparkles shined! Our fire show lasted about an hour and each act was spectacular. The stage was beautiful soft grass, with the audience seated around the outside in a half circle. This allowed for some great audience connection- my favorite moment of the evening was during my staff performance: I was able to meet the gaze of an audience member, and hold it, until he smiled. It was one of ‘those moments’ that creates the performer’s rush- moments like that are why I keep taking the stage. It’s an amazing feeling to connect with the audience and share the magic and joy! 🙂
Both shows raised about 100000 baht for spark- an incredible amount that will purchase a huge amount of supplies for the kids!!
Next, the hustle and bustle of Bangkok!