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Jenna’s Blogs:
Friday Jan 13, 2012
The Elephants!
Today my family and I rode Elephants! It was very very very fun! My elephant’s name was Jumbo. I saw a baby elephant named Popeye. He was SO cute! I got to sit on him. When I rode Jumbo, it was very bumpy. I sat on Jumbo’s head and I drove him. Popeye played with the toroflux and he thought that it was food. Now THAT’S funny! Jumbo was very very very hairy. It’s been my favourite part of the trip so far. Another couple were riding on Jumbo’s mom elephant. It was cool. So that’s the end of my elephant story. Bye bye!

Friday jan 13 2012
The Big Buddha
Today my family went exploring the Big Buddha. It is a giant statue on the top of a mountain. It is a giant statue made out of white marble. Buddha was a prince who lived in a palace a long time ago. He became a holy man because he saw the suffering in the world. The Buddhists worship Buddha in temples and Shrines. Shrines are little houses like doll houses that have little statues of buddha, flowers and incense. The Buddhists sit still and try not to think when they are meditating. They believe that they will be reborn when they die and that they are Wanting peace.

Friday Jan 13 2012
Cats and Dogs
Today I met a nice stray cat. I named it Flicker because his ear always flicked. I met another nice stray cat who I named Tiger because he looked like a tiger. They lived by the Big Buddha and were very tame. Lots of tourists were petting them and they were sleeping in the sun. I saw a couple of stray dogs too. My mom did not let me take any pictures of them. Our taxi driver almost ran over a stray dog but he did not. The dogs are all over the place in the streets. There are lots of stray cats and dogs in Thailand. One of the stray dogs was spotty so I named it Spot. Bye Bye!