VestaFire Entertainment’s Upcoming PlayDates!

As always, Halloween is a busy time for us!

We had the privilege to perform once again with The Naughty N Spice Burlesque Troupe on Oct 29th for the Haunting of the Horror Vixens at Nanaimo Centre Stage. Described like a loose B movie with no plot, lots of blood, and boobs, we had an amazingly fun time and can’t wait for the next show coming up beginning of December!

We also took The Banshee out to the Lantzville fire works and bonfire on Oct 31st, succeeding in freaking more than a few people out with our four legged stilt costume.

The Banshee

We are excited about our upcoming TRON inspired live elecTRONica gig with Top Men on Friday Nov 4th- Once You Go BlackLight You Never Go BackLight!

The People of the Grid are enslaved by the tyrannical Master Control Program, and the revolution needs every able bodied program to join in the fight, do you have the stones to do the job? Join us as Top Men present the latest chapter in the ever unfolding epic that is their lives. Witness a new world never seen by anybody other than Jeff Bridges. Enter the Digital Frontier that will reshape the Human Condition and help us save it from oppression.With guests: Gold and Shadow! Also, DJ T.I.Am will be closing the night with a late night dance party, so bring your toughest dancing shoes cuz we’re gonna wear you down to your heels!
Refreshments will be available, still All-Ages though.
Also, wear white! Why? It’ll look cool, trust us.New Development! Super Extra Special Guest!
Ember Sparks of Vesta Fire!
We’re upping the ante here folks.

Tickets available at Fascinating Rhythm and Lucid!
$8 in advance
$10 at the door

Hope to see you there!