Sept 20th Stilt Dance Workshop!

VestaFire Entertainment is proud to bring you another Stilting and Stiltdance Workshop! September 20th, 6:00- 8:00 pm. Unitarian Fellowship Hall, 595 Townsite road, Nanaimo BC.

Brand new to stilting, or are you able to move about on your stilts without a spotter or wall? If so, it’s Time to PLAY! Join Karina Strong and Missy Nobels as they guide you in gaining freedom of movement on all levels. Get comfortable, confident, and then explore space, levels, character creation, and learn different techniques for getting up and down, both alone and with partners. You’ll also learn the basics of stilt costuming and props.

We will be able to try out different types of stilts, for all levels of ability- Drywall, Peg, and Jumping stilts.

Bring your own stilts, or use a limited number of practice Peg stilts available- register early to reserve a set. Both NEW and a limited number of Refurbished USED stilts are available for PRE-ORDER purchase..

Dress for movement, and bring a water bottle!

You also MUST bring your own set of Hard Shelled Knee Pads, and comfortable lace up shoes. If under 19, you MUST have a helmet.

Click on the eventbright link to register: