Upcoming VestaFire Circus Workshops!

Spring has FINALLY arrived and it’s time to get out there and PLAY! Register now to avoid disappointment!

Come Play With Us!

Sat, May 14th, Aerial Excursion!

Adult $150.00

This all day excursion starts at 9 am. We’ll load up the van and head over to Saltspring Island to experience the world famous Saturday Market. We’ll enjoy an amazing catered vegetarian lunch, and then join Flying Dreams for a full 3 hour SEMI PRIVATE workshop. Silks, hoop, trapeze, and other amazing aerial apparatus will be your playground. Challenge yourself to do something completely different! We’ll have an amazing time- Come Play With Us!  We’ll be home before dinner.


Register now to reserve your seat! COME PLAY WITH US!

Hoop Dance! Make your own COLLAPSIBLE Hoop!

May 15, 3:00 to 5:00,

Unitarian Hall, 595 Townsite road, Nanaimo

Eager to hoop at festivals this summer, but daunted at the logisitics of packing your full sized hoop around? Join Hoop dancer Amie to create and decorate your own collapsible hoop! This hoop twists into a half sized loop, making it ideal to take on the go. After we’ve created our new props, we’ll fine tune some moves and learn some new tricks. You’ll be ready to SPIN the summer away!

2 hour workshop, $45.00


Multi level Stilting workshop- Intro to stilting, plus AcroStilt and StiltDance!

Sunday June 5th, 2:00- 4:00, Swy A Lana Lagoon. $50.00

Join Missy and Karina to explore or expand your stilting skills. Karina will assist you getting up and comfortable on stilts.  Those of you who are already able to walk without a spotter or wall, Missy will guide you through beginning acrobatic and stilt dance. Explore your space, levels, and learn different techniques for getting up and down, alone and with partners. You’ll also learn the basics of stilt costuming and props.
For this workshop, Beginners will share stilts and spotting, and intermediates will have their own set of stilts.
Bring your own stilts. There are a *limited* number of practice stilts available- register early to reserve a set. Both New and a limited number of refurbished used Stilts will be available for PRE-ORDER purchase.
You also must bring your own set of hard shelled knee pads, and comfortable lace up shoes. Dress for movement, and bring a water bottle!
If under 19, you must bring a helmet as well.